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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Want To Download Anime Movies? Know Your Options!

Do you love anime and want to download anime movies? You are not among the minority. There is a growing number of people looking for options to download the movies they love without spending too much, because buying DVDs is just too expensive.

Before you make your decision, you have to know what all options are available to you to download anime movies. Only then can you decide which is right for you and make your choice.

1. File Sharing Networks

You can find as many anime movies as you like on file sharing networks. There are just two good things about these networks: you can find practically any movie you want, and you can download anime movies for free. There are plenty of disadvantages, too. These networks are very risky. There are no guarantees of quality and safety. You might end up getting a different file altogether, or an incomplete file, or an infected one that could affect your computer. You have to decide whether the risks are worth getting free downloads.

2. Private Websites.

There are private websites that let you download anime movies, free of cost, again. But there are a few problems. The dubbing and subtitles can leave a lot to be desired, the quality can be very bad, and, to top it all off, downloading these movies will be illegal. You will be infringing the copyright law, which is a crime, because these websites do not have the authority to upload these movies into their database for you to download.

3. Paid Movie Downloads

There are websites that will let you download movies if you pay per movie. The price will be anywhere from $1, but the latest movies and the most popular ones will cost more. If you want to have a personal collection of various movies, this might not be feasible.

4. Pay Once Websites

These websites will charge you a one time fee, and after that, all downloads will be free. You will get good quality movies and you will have access to a great database to download anime movies from. This option lets you download very good quality movies, legally, and with minimum expense.

The choice make depends on your requirements. File sharing networks and private websites might be free, but there are too many risks for you to be comfortable with either option. The paid movie downloads might be out of your budget, unless you just want a movie or two. Once you weigh all the factors, the one-time payment websites might be the best option for you to download anime movies.

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