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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Download Anime Videos & Movies

Download Anime Videos – A Brief History of Anime Videos and Movies

“Anime” has been widely accepted as Japanese animation videos and movies even though it actually is the acronym for animation. Another way to call these Japanese animation videos and movies is Japanimation. Sounds cool?

Manga, the name for Japanese comic strips are the original scripts that gave birth to Anime videos. When you download Anime videos, you would realize that a fair number of them are adapted from these Manga series. The stories are often woven intricately with a strong tinge of entertainment and humor that appeal to a large worldwide audience. Anime videos are good at captivating your senses, arousing your imagination and catching your attention as it is often a mirror of our thoughts or things we only dream of.

Japanimation has been long dropped from the conversations of people who used to call Japanese animation videos Japanimation. Nowadays, Anime is the word. Anime grew hugely during the 1990s when they decided to penetrate the world markets such as Europe, US and so on.

Astro Boy was the first poster boy for the Anime videos and movie series. Subsequently, in the year 2003, the Anime movie Spirited Away even won Oscar awards for being the best animation.

Anime is multi-genre and covers genres like action, adventure, fiction, fantasy, romance and etc. They are produced either as movies and video series. The most popular of all being Anime movies that are often screened in cinema theatres and sold as DVDs and VCDs in the movie stores. Anime videos are fast catching up and choking up sales like never before with popular titles like Naruto, Gundam, Full Metal Alchemist and more. You can even download Anime videos nowadays online.

There are a few places to download Anime videos that offer free fan subtitled Animes such as Bit Torrent and those that offer pirated versions. But why subject your computer to unnecessary risks of viruses and adware when you can download anime videos for peanuts at

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