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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Your Guide to the Best Anime Video Downloads Online

If you’re an anime fanatic then you would want only the best anime video downloads the Internet can offer. However, the problem lies in finding out which sites hold the best anime videos? In order for you to screen out the bad from the good sites, you need to know what to look for in order to qualify a site as a good, if not the best, download site for anime.

There are available anime downloads in free sites as well as in pay sites. With free sites, you most often get a limited variety of anime and a much more limited list of the episodes they hold. You might be paying for free but you also miss the chance to watch your favorite anime in full.
In a pay site, you get a long list of anime video downloads. Some sites even have a complete list of all the anime ever produced, especially the most popular series. The best thing that you can experience with pay sites is that they have full DVD and VCD copies of your favorite anime. This means, you finally have a chance to watch the episodes you’ve missed and to replay the episodes you’ve seen.

There is only one catch when it comes to pay site and that is you are required to pay for the benefits they are offering you. However, considering the quality of their products and the affordable price of their membership or packages, why would you be afraid to try? Perhaps the only time you should refuse pay sites is when they require you to pay exorbitant prices like forty dollars or more. You get the same package for a lesser price in other pay sites.

A site that offers a great variety of anime genre is a good site for anime video downloads. It is rare to find sites like this these days because they only hold the most popular anime series in their archives. A good site is also one that offers more than just anime videos. If you meet websites like these, you should grab hold of the opportunity.

Safe downloading is a must in order for a site to qualify as a good site for anime video downloads. When you download anime, you shouldn’t also be downloading spyware, adware, viruses, or all of these. These can take its toll on your computer and you won’t be able to enjoy downloading your favorite series for long.

Lastly, make sure that the site you join offers a good and stable download speed for all your anime video downloads. You get great speed by joining pay sites. Free download sites often have limits and erratic speed that will prove bothersome when you’re downloading.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Want To Download Anime Movies? Know Your Options!

Do you love anime and want to download anime movies? You are not among the minority. There is a growing number of people looking for options to download the movies they love without spending too much, because buying DVDs is just too expensive.

Before you make your decision, you have to know what all options are available to you to download anime movies. Only then can you decide which is right for you and make your choice.

1. File Sharing Networks

You can find as many anime movies as you like on file sharing networks. There are just two good things about these networks: you can find practically any movie you want, and you can download anime movies for free. There are plenty of disadvantages, too. These networks are very risky. There are no guarantees of quality and safety. You might end up getting a different file altogether, or an incomplete file, or an infected one that could affect your computer. You have to decide whether the risks are worth getting free downloads.

2. Private Websites.

There are private websites that let you download anime movies, free of cost, again. But there are a few problems. The dubbing and subtitles can leave a lot to be desired, the quality can be very bad, and, to top it all off, downloading these movies will be illegal. You will be infringing the copyright law, which is a crime, because these websites do not have the authority to upload these movies into their database for you to download.

3. Paid Movie Downloads

There are websites that will let you download movies if you pay per movie. The price will be anywhere from $1, but the latest movies and the most popular ones will cost more. If you want to have a personal collection of various movies, this might not be feasible.

4. Pay Once Websites

These websites will charge you a one time fee, and after that, all downloads will be free. You will get good quality movies and you will have access to a great database to download anime movies from. This option lets you download very good quality movies, legally, and with minimum expense.

The choice make depends on your requirements. File sharing networks and private websites might be free, but there are too many risks for you to be comfortable with either option. The paid movie downloads might be out of your budget, unless you just want a movie or two. Once you weigh all the factors, the one-time payment websites might be the best option for you to download anime movies.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Unlimited Anime Downloads – Anime Gift Giving 101

Unlimited anime downloads, to make it straight to the point, should come in first in any gift list for an anime fan. While people who are not fans of anime, which is the moniker for the Japanese-style animation that has grown popular worldwide, may not understand the phenomenon, it is important to not underestimate its impact on the lives of hundreds and thousands of fans. To illustrate just how much affinity these fans feel, just compare any hobby to anime, and the hobbyist, to an anime fan. The greater the affinity for the hobby, the more ingrained the fandom is.

The reason why unlimited anime downloads are the best gifts to consider giving to anime fans is because they provide anime fans the opportunity to download and watch their favorite animes no longer show on television, or the newest ones even before they appear on television. These downloads are available as part-time subscriptions or as lifetime memberships, and giving these as presents to anime fans—particularly the young ones—provides these fans access to anime they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

While many sites offer subscriptions for unlimited anime downloads, the service they offer may not always be comparable. Thus, be sure to check the comprehensiveness of their selection and the rate at which they upload new, updated material. Check also if the site offers high quality anime copies and excellent technical support to its users. It is also may be of use to check if the site offers the capacity to convert from one file type to another to better suit the software configuration of each user’s individual video player.

Because part-time subscriptions to unlimited anime downloads are much cheaper, many might get tempted to just get these. However, further consideration is necessary. Once these part-time subscriptions expire, the anime fan who uses the site will have to continue paying subscription fees and funneling money into the site to be able to continue using it. This, when they don’t have the capacity to pay, may be extremely frustrating and disheartening.

This is the reason why in the long-run, it may be much better to acquire unlimited anime downloads with lifetime subscription deals. With a single, one-time payment and no subsequent fees, the recipient of the subscription will enjoy worry-free downloading and watching anime videos immediately and for the entire course of their fandom.

While a lifetime subscription sounds pretty expensive, it really isn’t. Some websites offer unlimited anime downloads for even less than $50. Getting alternative presents at the same price may not have the same impact as giving a download subscription to an anime fan.

Should it be really impossible to get unlimited anime downloads for the anime fan, anything related to anime (preferably the anime he or she likes) is acceptable, which may include toys, merchandise, videos, and official soundtracks. Anything about Japanese culture may also be very much appreciated. However, putting a couple of extra dollars for that download subscription is a surefire way to make that present a hit!

Find out from my entertainment blog where you can access to unlimited anime downloads today.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anime Video Downloads – Get Them Cheap For Your Child

Presuming you have a kid or teen who is fascinated with Japanese animation, then buying anime video downloads is a viable option for you. Animation is not necessarily bad for your child. As you find out more, you will realize that such anime series do offer some educational content and teach your kids some good values.

Unless you have watch Japanese animation movies, you probably think that it is a complete time wasting activity. You may even have the perception that your children are exposed to endless violence and hocus pocus kind of trash. The fact is, these videos often capture the values inspired by the Japanese culture and there is much to learn from.

Certain elements of an anime are crucial. Extreme expressions of emotions like joy, anger, love, peace and so forth as well as exaggerated facial and body language are a norm. But in every story, there is a tinge of moral element which viewers can always sense. Whether the genre is adventure, comedy or sweet romance, they almost certainly contain all the key elements.

These anime videos are categorized according to various viewer groups. Take for instance, young children to adolescent have a band of anime series that are targeted at them. Such are often educational and fun. When you go choosing a service for anime video downloads, make sure they do label and group them according to the age and genre so that you know what movie your child is watching.

The Japanese animation culture does not exist only for small children. As you will realize, they do have adult cartoon videos and some are perverted themes. These are often labeled accordingly so that they are meant for the right eyes only. So all in all, people of all ages watch anime series, and not just the young ones.

Many of the series can have dozens of episodes. This can cost quite a lot if your child is watching many episodes each day. Every other day, you will get requests from your child to buy him or her newer releases. It thus make sense to be buying anime video downloads online for pennies.

There are a handful of websites that provide hundreds of anime movies. They cater for different age groups and come in all genres. While there are various payment modes, the best or rather most cost effective for anime video downloads is still the one-time payment for unlimited access to the video database.

Simply put, for the price of less than 2 anime DVDs, you can afford to grab a lifetime membership. With this membership, you can enjoy unlimited downloads, at any time, anywhere you are with an internet connection. This is a huge money and time saver for you. On top of anime video downloads, some of the better ones even offer you wallpaper, games, manga and others related to anime videos.

Take a look at such a site listed here on my cartoon blog and indulge in your anime video downloads
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

How to Download Anime Videos Online at Cost Effective Prices

In today’s market, there are many places to download anime videos online. For the enthusiast, it is a dream that comes true. But, you do need to have some knowledge prior to selecting a right place to download.

The Japanese anime series have long reached the shores of the West. Popularized by successful stories like Sailor Moon, Genesis, Gundam and recently Bleach, they have won themselves many fans from as young as 7 to as old as 40 years old. Thanks to these fans, there are more fan sites where you can download anime videos online. But no thanks as well because many of these are against the copyright laws.

Expect poor copies and lousy subtitled anime videos at these fan clubs. They are all dubbed by people like you and me, folks who may only know the basics of videography. Through file sharing, the various shows are distributed. So, if quality anime downloads are what you desire, then these are not places you should start searching.

On the other hand, there are many services where you can download anime videos online without having to worry about low quality duplicates or files that do not play properly. In our hunt, we realized that the features and number of files can vary from site to site. Some are more professional and easier to use than others and package a better deal. A handful of them unfortunately are scam sites.

When choosing a site to download anime videos online, do take note that they generally may offer 3 kinds of payment options. You can either pay per download, pay per monthly or yearly subscription or pay for lifetime access. Which option you eventually pick depends on your preference.

For anyone who intends to download anime videos regularly and loves variety, choosing the pay per download is not a wise decision. While you can save some money as compared to paying for a DVD, it is more expensive than the pay per subscription and lifetime membership.

Say you are a bit cautious, you may wish to try out the monthly or yearly subscription. Within the period of subscription, you can freely access the collection of old and new anime downloads. While this is not necessarily the cheapest method, it does offer value for money if your interest in anime videos is going to last for some time.

A lifetime membership is worth considering if you are not too cost sensitive. After all, it is only a couple of dollars more than an annual subscription. For about $40, you can start downloading anime videos online once you made the payment. This means that if you pay now, you can be watching your favorite cartoons in the next hour. There are no restrictions or cap on the number of shows you can transfer only your computer. If you like to watch them on your TV, by all means copy and burn them onto a DVD.

But whichever payment option you take, always do your due diligence by checking out the selection of anime series. Make sure that they do provide both old classic and new releases. Some popular sites even offer manga and movies related to the Jap animation.

See where all the fans are going these days to download anime videos today now.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Where to Download Anime Videos – 100s of Anime Series for A Few Bucks

Cartoon fans naturally have a liking to anime. The reason we know this is many people download anime videos or are always searching for new places to do so for free or pay per view. The search counts at the search engines are at all time high for these videos. But since there are so many choices online, it can be hard to pick a good site to use.

Even though anime was first founded in Japan, its fans have gone beyond their shores to as far as Alaska. Joking but it definitely has reached the US and UK. There are millions of fans now. As such, this is driving the creation of free sites for anyone to download anime videos.

Free stuff always has an interesting hold over people and often great crowd pullers. But you need to be aware that many of them are actually low quality copies of the original. They are often dubbed and subtitled in whatever language the host country is. Do not be surprised if the subtitles are not showing in tandem with the scenes.

You also have to grapple with the fear of letting viruses wreak havoc on your computer. The truth is that many sites do not offer proper protection and you could easily download viruses like Storm, Melissa, Code Red, Sasser and so on. Losing a bit of your PC performance is a small damage done but if you end up damaging your entire hard drive when you download anime videos, it is a high price to pay!

Nowadays, there are paid options which allow you to get instant access to hundreds of both old and new anime series of the highest quality. In case you think they are expensive, they are not. For less than the price of a complete series on DVD, you can get your unlimited membership to transfer all many anime videos as you wish onto your computer. Watch it on your PC or burn it on a DVD to watch on the TV, it is entirely your choice.

However, a word of advice is to use popular and huge websites only when you download anime videos. This is because they tend to offer a more diverse range of choices. If you have a big family, all the members can indulge in the selected cartoons suitable for their ages.

Many of the new sites nowadays are vying with one another for business and have made Manga series available. You can also find movies that are inspired by the Japanese comics. So with such excellent choices, it is hard not to download anime videos there.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Download Anime Movies – Fans Listen Up!

All Japanese cartoon fans are searching for new ways to download anime movies. Titles like Full Metal Alchemist, Initial D and Gundam are all popular favorites that sell like hot cakes. If you are a true blue fan, listen up as you would learn how to download anime movies and enjoy hundreds of them without burning a hole in the pocket.

What are the places or resources where you can get these movies on cheap?

There are no secrets. All in all, you have 3 places to get them. And the beauty is you can watch the animation on your computer or television. It is really up to you.

1. Free P2P Sites

You may already be familiar with P2P sites. These are free sites. Since they are free, you can download anime movies as well as the soundtracks for the cartoons without paying a single cent. Sounds like the perfect place isn’t it? I can assure you it is not as you got to struggle with threats from malware and viruses and risks like compromising your PC security and personal data. The picture and audio quality of movies is often poor as well.

2. Fansub Sites

What are fansubs? Fans subtitle and dub the original Japanese cartoons in their local languages and call them fansubs. These sites are often private clubs where entry is gained through sign up. You can download anime movies there. But be warned – many are pirated copies. At the same time, these sites are often run by amateurs and since they are done for fun, do not expect any form of service there. Selection is limited as well.
3. Paid Anime Membership Sites

In the past couple of months, a few membership sites emerged to meet the need. It charges anyone a membership fee of about $40 - 50 for instant access to download anime movies, videos, music and even manga. You can do what you wish with the files – watch them on your PC or make a VCD or DVD copy and view that on your home theater system.

Out of the 3 options, the majority are now switching to using paid sites to download anime movies. For such a low fee, you can be spared the agony of poor quality cartoons, threats from harmful elements, frequent hang ups, and slow downloads.

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