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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Free Unlimited Anime Videos – Are They Worth Downloading?

Many Japanese cartoon fans are keen on laying their hands on unlimited anime videos. From the millions of searches online for these animation series, it tells everything. You may be contributing to the search count as well and probably already found dozens of these sites.

Today, there are a handful of sites that run on a membership basis. For a monthly subscription fee, you can access their databases to download the cartoons. Some even charge a fee per download. On the overall, it is not the cheapest option and this is perhaps why many are flocking to free websites to download unlimited anime videos. Are they illegal? A large percentage of these sites are pirates really offering copied versions of unlimited anime videos.

Japanese cartoon producing firms mainly produce all works in the Japanese language be it subtitles or audio. This is obvious since their main viewers are the Japanese population. If you are living outside of Japan, the version you are watching are actually dubbed in English.

Nowadays, the cartoon producers are selling distribution and dubbing rights to other companies who wish to distribute the videos to other countries. However, many of the sites that offer unlimited anime videos for free are quite obviously illegal. It is just not possible for them to offer the cartoons free if they are charged a fee by the original producers.

It is not all too well to download unlimited anime videos at free sites. The picture quality of the animation could be of low standard. Fans like these cartoons for their excellent graphic display and if that is compromised, no one would enjoy what they are watching.

Another problem is the poor quality of dubbing. Even with the most advanced recording software, the quality hangs on the person doing the translation in audio and subtitles. Sad to say, many of these people hired for the job are not native Japanese and they are not proficient in the language. You end up watching animation that are wrongly translated and highly incomprehensible.

When you download unlimited anime videos from free sites, your computer is also at risk to malicious attacks from computer viruses, adware and spyware. This is because the files could be from completely unprotected sites. So this is one risk you have to be mindful of.

In case you are not aware, downloading unauthorized and corrupted files is the top cause for computer virus infection and malware attacks. While it is understandable that being able to download unlimited anime videos for free is such a great proposition, are you still willing to do so when you know that you could potentially harm your computer?

If that risk is difficult to bear, why not pop over to this site and feed yourself to unlimited anime videos in an entirely safe download environment for a cheap fee that even kids can afford?

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