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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Anime Video Downloads – Free or Paid Videos are Better?

Anime video downloads score well with manga and anime fans as can be seen from the huge numbers of downloads for Bleach, Evangelion and so on. These Japanese cartoons are catching the attention of teens worldwide and they are not only popular in Japan alone. With anime video downloads now becoming accessible to everyone through free or paid services, it is becoming more apparent that there is a need to distinguish between the two.

Services that Allow You to Download Anime Videos Freely

P2P networks are often used by viewers to download free videos for favorite Jap cartoons. In doing so, they have complained about the videos being edited versions and in some instances, entire episodes were missing. Downloading there also subjects your computers to potential virus attacks and exposure to spyware and adware. Computers can become corrupted and the performance of our PCs can be adversely impacted.

Another group of places to download free anime cartoons is the anime fan sites. The videos there are called fansubs, meaning subtitled versions of the original cartoons. Downloading anime videos at these sites would not spare you the risk of virus exposure and so on. They are quite alike the P2P sites where the whole anime series may have missing episodes and scenes. Frankly, as a fan of your favorite anime cartoon series, you do not want your experience to be marred. Crucial scenes like fighting or battle scenes are always the ones that keep fans excited and intrigued.
Paid Services for Anime Video Downloads

There are now paid services that allow their members to download both movies and videos of entire anime titles. We are talking about high quality DVD style anime videos and not some poor copies. If you like it, you can even copy the files onto a VCD or DVD and start playing on your television set. Membership for lifetime access to download as many anime videos as you can is often less than $50.

Other than the chance to download anime videos, movies, you can find manga series and movies adapted from manga. This is truly value for money and a wonderful time where you and your friends and family can enjoy hours of great and fun extertainment.

Imagine slouching on your nice couch and playing Naruto right now and it would be worthwhile to download your full length anime video downloads today.

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