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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Where to Download Anime Videos – 100s of Anime Series for A Few Bucks

Cartoon fans naturally have a liking to anime. The reason we know this is many people download anime videos or are always searching for new places to do so for free or pay per view. The search counts at the search engines are at all time high for these videos. But since there are so many choices online, it can be hard to pick a good site to use.

Even though anime was first founded in Japan, its fans have gone beyond their shores to as far as Alaska. Joking but it definitely has reached the US and UK. There are millions of fans now. As such, this is driving the creation of free sites for anyone to download anime videos.

Free stuff always has an interesting hold over people and often great crowd pullers. But you need to be aware that many of them are actually low quality copies of the original. They are often dubbed and subtitled in whatever language the host country is. Do not be surprised if the subtitles are not showing in tandem with the scenes.

You also have to grapple with the fear of letting viruses wreak havoc on your computer. The truth is that many sites do not offer proper protection and you could easily download viruses like Storm, Melissa, Code Red, Sasser and so on. Losing a bit of your PC performance is a small damage done but if you end up damaging your entire hard drive when you download anime videos, it is a high price to pay!

Nowadays, there are paid options which allow you to get instant access to hundreds of both old and new anime series of the highest quality. In case you think they are expensive, they are not. For less than the price of a complete series on DVD, you can get your unlimited membership to transfer all many anime videos as you wish onto your computer. Watch it on your PC or burn it on a DVD to watch on the TV, it is entirely your choice.

However, a word of advice is to use popular and huge websites only when you download anime videos. This is because they tend to offer a more diverse range of choices. If you have a big family, all the members can indulge in the selected cartoons suitable for their ages.

Many of the new sites nowadays are vying with one another for business and have made Manga series available. You can also find movies that are inspired by the Japanese comics. So with such excellent choices, it is hard not to download anime videos there.

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