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Saturday, February 23, 2008

How to Download Anime Videos Online at Cost Effective Prices

In today’s market, there are many places to download anime videos online. For the enthusiast, it is a dream that comes true. But, you do need to have some knowledge prior to selecting a right place to download.

The Japanese anime series have long reached the shores of the West. Popularized by successful stories like Sailor Moon, Genesis, Gundam and recently Bleach, they have won themselves many fans from as young as 7 to as old as 40 years old. Thanks to these fans, there are more fan sites where you can download anime videos online. But no thanks as well because many of these are against the copyright laws.

Expect poor copies and lousy subtitled anime videos at these fan clubs. They are all dubbed by people like you and me, folks who may only know the basics of videography. Through file sharing, the various shows are distributed. So, if quality anime downloads are what you desire, then these are not places you should start searching.

On the other hand, there are many services where you can download anime videos online without having to worry about low quality duplicates or files that do not play properly. In our hunt, we realized that the features and number of files can vary from site to site. Some are more professional and easier to use than others and package a better deal. A handful of them unfortunately are scam sites.

When choosing a site to download anime videos online, do take note that they generally may offer 3 kinds of payment options. You can either pay per download, pay per monthly or yearly subscription or pay for lifetime access. Which option you eventually pick depends on your preference.

For anyone who intends to download anime videos regularly and loves variety, choosing the pay per download is not a wise decision. While you can save some money as compared to paying for a DVD, it is more expensive than the pay per subscription and lifetime membership.

Say you are a bit cautious, you may wish to try out the monthly or yearly subscription. Within the period of subscription, you can freely access the collection of old and new anime downloads. While this is not necessarily the cheapest method, it does offer value for money if your interest in anime videos is going to last for some time.

A lifetime membership is worth considering if you are not too cost sensitive. After all, it is only a couple of dollars more than an annual subscription. For about $40, you can start downloading anime videos online once you made the payment. This means that if you pay now, you can be watching your favorite cartoons in the next hour. There are no restrictions or cap on the number of shows you can transfer only your computer. If you like to watch them on your TV, by all means copy and burn them onto a DVD.

But whichever payment option you take, always do your due diligence by checking out the selection of anime series. Make sure that they do provide both old classic and new releases. Some popular sites even offer manga and movies related to the Jap animation.

See where all the fans are going these days to download anime videos today now.

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