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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Unlimited Anime Downloads – Anime Gift Giving 101

Unlimited anime downloads, to make it straight to the point, should come in first in any gift list for an anime fan. While people who are not fans of anime, which is the moniker for the Japanese-style animation that has grown popular worldwide, may not understand the phenomenon, it is important to not underestimate its impact on the lives of hundreds and thousands of fans. To illustrate just how much affinity these fans feel, just compare any hobby to anime, and the hobbyist, to an anime fan. The greater the affinity for the hobby, the more ingrained the fandom is.

The reason why unlimited anime downloads are the best gifts to consider giving to anime fans is because they provide anime fans the opportunity to download and watch their favorite animes no longer show on television, or the newest ones even before they appear on television. These downloads are available as part-time subscriptions or as lifetime memberships, and giving these as presents to anime fans—particularly the young ones—provides these fans access to anime they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

While many sites offer subscriptions for unlimited anime downloads, the service they offer may not always be comparable. Thus, be sure to check the comprehensiveness of their selection and the rate at which they upload new, updated material. Check also if the site offers high quality anime copies and excellent technical support to its users. It is also may be of use to check if the site offers the capacity to convert from one file type to another to better suit the software configuration of each user’s individual video player.

Because part-time subscriptions to unlimited anime downloads are much cheaper, many might get tempted to just get these. However, further consideration is necessary. Once these part-time subscriptions expire, the anime fan who uses the site will have to continue paying subscription fees and funneling money into the site to be able to continue using it. This, when they don’t have the capacity to pay, may be extremely frustrating and disheartening.

This is the reason why in the long-run, it may be much better to acquire unlimited anime downloads with lifetime subscription deals. With a single, one-time payment and no subsequent fees, the recipient of the subscription will enjoy worry-free downloading and watching anime videos immediately and for the entire course of their fandom.

While a lifetime subscription sounds pretty expensive, it really isn’t. Some websites offer unlimited anime downloads for even less than $50. Getting alternative presents at the same price may not have the same impact as giving a download subscription to an anime fan.

Should it be really impossible to get unlimited anime downloads for the anime fan, anything related to anime (preferably the anime he or she likes) is acceptable, which may include toys, merchandise, videos, and official soundtracks. Anything about Japanese culture may also be very much appreciated. However, putting a couple of extra dollars for that download subscription is a surefire way to make that present a hit!

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